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        Events and Dates

C                                           CLASSES and EVENTS 201


*March 19 and 21 Hunting Safety Two  Day Class

* May 18th Hunting Safety Field Day 4pm till 9 pm

* May 16,   HQL , Training  Maryland Handgun Qualification License,   CCW and  Renewal Permits

* June 16,  HQL Training CCW and Renewal Permits

* june  4 and 6 th Hunting Safety two day class

* Turkey Hunting Clinic March 28,2020  8am till finished

* July 11, 2020  9am. till 2pm.Handgun Class

*Aug 22, 2020 9am. till 2 pm.

*Sept. and  Oct. call and set up your  class today

* set up dates for a handgun class 1 on 1 or small groups call  410-245-7507 or e-mail