Maryland Handgun Classes and Training 

Maryland HQL Training               Maryland Wear and Carry 

                                 MaryLand Handgun Classes 
 *HQL Training Class Training (4Hours)
 *Wear Carry Permit Training  (Renewal 8 Hours)
 *Wear Carry Permit  Training (Applicant 16 Hours)
 *N.R.A. Basic Pistol Course ( 8  Hours )
 *Hunting Safety Classes
 *Ladies ONLY  Handgun  Training HQL
* One on One Training or Group Training

 HQL Training Course and N.R.A Basic Pistol Course

   Pistol mechanisms and operation
   Pistol shooting skills
  Pistol Maintenance, Selection and use
  Maryland Law
  Range Time  (live fire) 

                           Limited to only 20 students at each class
For any  questions  call 410-245-7507