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Maryland HQL Training               Maryland Wear and Carry 

                                 MaryLand Handgun Classes 
 *HQL Training Class Training (4Hours)
 *Wear Carry Permit Training  (Renewal 8 Hours)
 *Wear Carry Permit  Training (Applicant 16 Hours)
 *N.R.A. Basic Pistol Course ( 8  Hours )
 *Hunting Safety Classes
 *Ladies ONLY  Handgun  Training HQL
* One on One Training or Group Training

 HQL Training Course and Wear Carry Permit   For   Md.
   Pistol mechanisms and operation
   Pistol shooting skills
  Pistol Maintenance, Selection and use
  Maryland Law
    ( live fire }                    Small Classes
   For any  questions  call 410-245-7507
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